Monday, February 17, 2014

KnappyHair Extensions Clip Ins- KRS Hair Group

I ordered some new extensions last week and had been contemplating buying these for about 3 or 4 months. Last week I bit the bullet and bought them and I do not regret it. They are KnappyHair extensions and actually blend in with my coarse hair. I have been looking for YEARS for extensions that will blend in with my African American hair and these do!

Price- The extensions were $219 for 16 in. It includes 7 clip in pieces.

Shedding- There was little shedding of the hair. I washed and conditioned it before I wore it and very minimal hair fell out. The extensions are double wefted so it is not going to shed as much which is great because I have had extensions where there is hair all over the floor and I barely brushed it.

Thickness- Most clip in extensions are fairly thin, however these are 160 grams and very full which I love. I hate thin looking hair and this is far from it. I have neck length hair so it is harder to blend the pieces in the back but with these extensions, I had a fairly easy time blending.

Styling- After I washed and conditioned the hair I let it air dry, and then flat ironed the hair. The hair has little crinkles in it to mimic african american hair. Once I flat ironed it, the crinkles were still in it however it still blended rather well with my own hair. Since I am in the process of transitioning from a relaxer, the coarseness of this hair allows me not to use too much heat for my own hair trying to blend all the pieces. I also curled them with a flat iron and they stayed curled with no issues. I used very little hairspray and they stayed curled from 10AM to 10PM.

Would I recommend these extensions? Absolutely. They blended with my hair effortlessly and only took about 5-10 minutes to put in. The clips were sturdy but don't give you a headache like other clip ins I have tried. This was definitely a good investment and can't wait to get more wear out of them. I recommend these to people who don't like full weaves and want something more temporary. You can buy these clip ins at KRS Hair Group. They come in Knatural Coarse and Knatural Straight. I have the Knatural Coarse and they blend seamlessly with my transitioning hair. I only have about 2 in of new growth, so must of my hair is still relaxed.

KnappyHair Extensions in natural state

KnappyHair extensions curled

KnappyHair curled 12 hours later

KnappyHair curled 12 hours later

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Kay said...

they really do look natural.