Monday, February 24, 2014

City Life- Washington, DC

I went to DC this weekend and had an awesome time. I went up there because I am relocating in a couple months and so I needed to look at places and look in the area. Me and my sister stayed in Arlington right next to the Rossler Metro and everything was so easily accessible from our hotel which was great. It was good seeing a season change as I have lived in S FL for 25 years and this was definitely a different but welcoming change. My sister and I also visited Georgetown and that's when I fell in love and realized that I was making the right decision by moving. On to the post! It was about 40 degrees in the morning and got up to the late 50's in the afternoon so the weather was perfect and I was prepared with my clothing. Most of my outfit was bought a year or more before but I have gathered some look alikes for you guys to check out and purchase.

Red Coat- Forever 21
Sweater- Forever 21
Hat- Burlington Coat Factory
Fur Scarf- Target
Boots- Uggs Classic Short in Chestnut (Link)

Life in the City

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