Tuesday, May 25, 2010

European Secrets Hoofers Choice Cuticle Cream and Top Coat

I literally just used these about an hour ago and I can already feel the hardness in my nails. I found these at my local Sally's. My nails have been pretty wretched lately, and I needed to find somehting to strengthen them because nothing was working. I put the top coat on first and it made my polish dry pretty quick and it has very high glossy shine. The cuticle cream is a cream that you put on daily and it made my nails feel nice and hard.  I am going to try to use this consistently for the next two weeks and update you guys!


Mz. SassynKlassy said...

I bought this yesterday! I'll give you an update if it works well!

Mz. SassynKlassy said...

I bought this yesterday! I hope it works well! I'll give you a review if it does!