Friday, December 11, 2009

Right to the Pointe





Ballet inspired clothing is the best of both worlds for moi. Fashion and dancing (have been dancing for 15 years) are both passions of mine. Ballet inspired clothing can be found in stores such as Forever 21 who has a lookbook called It's Tutu Cute (pictured above). Cardigans, which most dancers wear as warm ups are all over the stores. Legwarmers and other knit apparel, also worn by ballerinas, can be incorporated in your wardrobe right now especially because it is winter. Ruffles are also all over the stores now which remind me of tutus. Cute ballet flats have been the rage for years now which by the name were also inspired by the performing art. By incorporating a couple of these pieces in your closet you can feel as elegant as the beautiful ballerinas in the New York City ballet.

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