Thursday, December 10, 2009

Pink Poodles!

Haha! Whenever I think about pink lipgloss I always think about pink poodles, I don't know why. Anyway I know a lot of darker skinned people such as myself think the only colors they can wear on their lips are purple or brown. However, I was loving the pink lips so I went to MAC and asked them to match me with a pretty pink and thus my love affair with pink lipgloss begins. The MA matched me with MAC Cultured lipglass, which is a very soft not over the top pink. Other pinks that I love are Neutrogena Groove which is NARS dupe for Turkish Delight (Kim K. favorite lipgloss) and NYX ballerina pink (not pictured) is also very pretty but it's a louder pink but still very soft. I've also heard about NYX dolly pink which is like a barbie pink which I must try, because I love anything associated with Barbie. So ladies don't think that you can't pull of that pretty pink lip, there is a pink for everyone!



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