Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ion Reconstructor and Extreme Moisture Nuturing Creme

So I decided to use this line at Sally Beauty Supply called Ion. Well I've used about 5 of their products and nothing has disappointed me yet. Last week I used a protein reconstructor which is suppose to strengthen your hair. Well this stuff not only strengthened it, it made it soft! I would consider this a light to medium treatment. Normally protein doesn't soften the hair so I was really surprised. I followed up the protein treatment with a deep conditioner. Hence the Extreme Moisture Creme. This moisturized my hair so well. My hair just sucked all the moisture in. It was a nice, thick consistency which I loved. Both of these products are definitely going to be staples in my hair care journey. These can both be found at Sally's for under $10. The Ion reconstructor can be bought in packets for $1.59-2.19 depending on whether or not you you have the Sally's card. The packets can probably be used about 2-3 times depending on how much hair you have. The moisture treatment is between $6.79-7.49 for the full size and $1.79-2.19 for the packet.

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